Wedding Crowns

Handmade wedding crowns steeped in religious symbolism

Explore e-silvercorner’s finest collection of wedding crowns: 925 sterling silver, silver-plated or 24k gold-plated wedding crowns, specially designed to maintain their sparkle, quality and durability. All our items are available for delivery, whether handmade or affordably priced, so that you may choose what is best suited to your wedding theme whilst remaining within budget.

At e-silvercorner, we understand that wedding crowns essentially represent the formal beginning of the newly-weds’ new life together; a life full of hope, joy and love. Taking all this into consideration, we put great love, care and respect into creating priceless pieces with outstanding designs, for the celebration of the couple’s union. We skilfully process materials such as silver, porcelain, leather, cloth and lace, to make unique wedding crowns with perfect detail. Glamorous, priceless, everlasting wedding crowns to commemorate and honour one of the major transitions in a couple’s life: the sacred bond of marriage.

Orders of 80€ or more qualify for free delivery within Greece.