Weddings Gifts - Gifts for Home

In this category, you will find a wonderful selection of precious and practical decorative items, which can be offered as gifts or used as decorative elements in your own office and/or at home.

Subcategories Weddings Gifts - Gifts for Home 

  • Handmade Sterling Silver Gifts

    From making a picture frame to crafting a 20-cm amphora, our designers work with 925 sterling silver in many different ways to create objects which add style and sophistication to any home. Solid candlesticks, tea sets, trays, plates and pendulum clocks, all of the finest quality, specially crafted to withstand the test of time and always shine brightly, are perfect house-warming presents with timeless value.

  • Crystal Decorative Items

    One of our favourite and most popular selections is our collection of crystal vases, gondolas, coops, candlesticks and ashtrays. Beautiful creations decorated with hammered silver embellishments, Swarovski stones and other decorative ornaments, available in two or three sizes at reduced prices, form smart and special wedding gifts, all within your budget. We also offer customization options, upon request.

  • Liquor & Whisky Crystal Sets

    Original and chic liquor and whiskey decanter sets are wedding gifts which will certainly be appreciated and used by your friends and loved ones. Crystal decanters with six glasses, embellished with silver and Swarovski stones in patterns of leaves and drops are tasteful and high-quality gifts suitable for any budget.

  • Natural Art Gifts

    Our designers at E-Silvercorner use unique craft techniques to create astonishing gifts for the newly-weds, your loved ones or even for yourself. Silver - or gold- plated olive, pomegranate and pistacia branches form superb decorative elements at the centre of artistic creations that can be placed in a frame, contained in plexiglass or mounted on small stones as shown in the picture above.

  • Silver-Plated Items

    What can be better than a practical wedding gift for the newly-weds? Our selection includes durable trays made from stainless steel, specially processed to shine brightly forever, in various shapes and sizes with skilfully crafted ornamentation and modern handles. Browse our selection to find what is best suited to the couple or the occasion.

  • Wedding-Crown Cases

    At E-Silvercorner, our designers put great love, care and respect into creating gorgeous wedding crowns - and they do the same for the wedding-crown cases. Our collection features high-quality, elegant crown cases made from a vast variety of materials in various designs. All at an affordable price. Wedding crowns rich in symbolism, represent the formal beginning of the newly-weds’ new life together. It is only fitting, therefore that they should be kept in a special place. Our wedding-crown cases are ideal for keeping your wedding crowns safe over the years.

  • Lucky Charms