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Holy Virgin Mary Gerontissa

It is a precise copy of the Holy Virgin Mary "Gerontissa" (the Elder). The original icon is located in Pantokratoros Monastery in Mount Athos. The height of the prototype is 2,1 metres and is surrounded by white marble. It is artistically created on canvas with genuine hagiography colours, overlasting in time. Available in 4 sizes.

44,00 €

Silver Orthodox Byzantine icons are produced in many dimensions. Especially the Holy Virgin Mary "Gerontissa" is available in 4 sizes starting from the smallest one (Ε 806XD - 9.5 x 18 cm) up to the largest (E 836XD - 15.5 x 35.5 cm). This particular photo is the size E 816XD - 10 x 22 cm. which is the most common size. Each icon has a wooden back and is able both to be hunged on the wall or to be stood at the table. The icon is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and quality guarantee. It is offerd in a luxury gift box.

Stamped with the weight of pure silver 998 and covered with special protective varnish. A dry dusting is enough. 

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