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New product

Polygonal Wedding Ring

Metal : Gold - White Gold

Carats : 14 

Width : 3,5 mm

Finish : Polished - Matte

·      The price is per item and includes VAT.

·      This particular design can also be made in nine carat or 18 carat gold, upon request.

·      Colour alterations and removal of stones (if any) are both possible, upon request.

303,00 €

Instructions: The Multisizer works like a belt:

  1. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.
  2. Slip the Multisizer onto your finger - usually the ring finger.
  3. Adjust to give a comfortable fit, checking that it just slips back over the knuckle.
  4. When best fit is achieved, please read the indicated size.

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