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About our company

The www.e-silvercorner.gr online store belongs to the C.S.C. - Catherine's Silver Corner L.T.D. company. C.S.C was founded in 1999 by Thanasis Chaniotakis and it focuses on retail and wholesale business as well as gifts for enterprises. With our store in Ano Patissia , the C.S.C. deals in silver jewelery and gifts. The great variety, low prices and the contact with the ever increasing demands of our clients is the core of our philosophy.

In browsing on www.e-silvercorner.gr you will find special gifts including wedding, gifts for children and newborn babies, silver icons and frames and a wide range of jewelery. We believe that precious gifts are created with silver for all occasions, at affordable prices.

Our philosophy is all about professional entrepreneurship and serving our clients perfectly. Since the early days our team extends its passion to sell premium quality goods for your comfortable living. Through the years we've managed to create one of the most famous brands in Greece and now we are glad to share our products online with the rest of the World. Our mission is not about gaining huge profits, we care about our customers because by choosing our store you are giving us a chance to change a small part of your world and we are happy to do that professionally and passionately. 

Our business is growing day by day and we are glad to announce another milestone which is signified by the launch of our web store - another wonderful way to browse and enjoy the best commodities from our brand. Being an international store is a great challenge for our firm but we will take it with honor and dignity. We can promise you that you will feel all advantages of online shopping because this is way better and more comfortable than the traditional one.

Some of your specialties in handmade gifts for special occasions include Wedding Crowns, Wedding Rings, Wedding Sets, Newborn baby gifts, silver frames and icons, professional gifts and a huge variety of products all available in our online and physical stores.